Saturday, May 12, 2012

Shelves built!

Well, Rebekah and I just built the shelves for the vanilla! Got all the brewing vanilla put on the shelf. The box of empty bottles on the shelf. Figured out that two batches are ready to bottle so we will be bottling and labeling tonight and getting more vanilla ready to sell!  Even have a nice spot on the shelf ready to put bottled stuff on!

Of course, as I tried to take the picture she had to "help" with that too so you can't see the shelves or vanilla much, only the helper!

There! This picture is MUCH better! These shelves were created out of a part of a crate that someone was going to throw away. The top and bottom were already formed and the same sizes, the four uprights were precut to the same length. The only thing I needed was a piece of board for the very top as it was open. Cory cut that for me, well, you can see it is a tiny bit short because he was using a scrap of wood he already had! Overall it worked out VERY well and I got part of the basement cleaned to keep it in! Now my vanilla and all of my home canning stuff are neat and tidy and organized in the basement, away from the walkout and windows! How nice to be able to have ROOM to organize!

Enjoy vanilla today!

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