Saturday, May 5, 2012

Good Sign---I ran out of bottled vanilla

I had to get out the bottles and get busy! The reasons...not boredom that is for sure! I had to do it because I was out of bottled vanilla! This is such a good problem to have! So out came the coffee filters and funnels and bottles and lids and ribbons and labels...Whew! What a project! My 13 year old helped me measure and fill 6 bottles. Of course, three of them are already spoken for so it won't be long until I am forced to start this project all over again! :-) What a feeling!

So, that being said...who wants to buy those last 3 bottles so I have to work some more? New vanilla beans came in the mail today so I will be starting more tomorrow! Maybe later today if I get really impatient! :-) And of course, I am close to having vanilla sugar ready to sell in small quantities! I would have more if I would quit using it in my morning chai but it just makes it O So Yummy!



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