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Products Available:

8 oz bottle of pure vanilla extract          $15.00

Homemade 100% Natural Tinted Lip Balms

Peppermint scent, Darker tint                $2.50/tube
Eucalyptus Lemon scent, medium tint   $2.50/tube
Sweet Orange Scent, light tint                $2.50/tube

Also available:

Dried Herbs

Basil, 1 oz (Standard store size is .625 oz)   $2.50
Lemon Basil, 1 oz                                          $2.50
Parsley, 1 oz                                                  $2.50
Oregano, 1 oz                                                 $2.50

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  1. Shipping and handling vary so price will be determined when you order.

  2. To order, until I figure out how to make it easier...please email me at WindyHillVanilla@gmail.com